Want to know the story behind those tasty bagels?


The Bagel Cafe opened it’s doors to the Litchfield Beach and Pawleys Island community in May 2014. Founded by Debra and Guy Guglielmi, the couple is committed to bringing the freshness and flavors of a true NY deli to the lowcountry. Debra has always had a love and flair for the food business.  Having spent her lifetime in and around the restaurant business with her parents in Pennsylvania Debra learned at a young age what it means to keep customers happy. Debra’s parents were the owners of a fresh fish market and deli for over 25 years. As you can imagine that is exactly where all of Debra’s high school days were spent, working in the family business! As you’ll often hear her say, "it's all about the food, and it's in your blood".

Since those days of growing up in her parents small shop, it has always been Debra’s dream to open her very own deli some day. And that day finally came in 2014!


Well when Debra and Guy relocated to Pawleys Island in 2010, it didn’t take long for her to notice that there wasn’t a single good place in town to get good bagels. It was time to open a great deli and bagel shop. And, so the planning began!


Opening a good deli and bagel shop wasn’t going to be good enough. Debra wanted to open the BEST deli and bagel shop around so she actually traveled to New Jersey for specialized training in bagel-making. After Debra completed her training her trainer then came down to Pawleys Island once all of her bagel equipment arrived so that he could personally walk her through the process and teach her all about her very own bagel making equipment. Those perfect bagels don’t just roll off the machine... it’s a perfected science!

As for the deli, that was old school for her for sure, as she had the very best teachers in that department, Mom & Dad! Debra’s parents Dan and Theresa played an integral part in the opening of the Bagel Cafe. Bringing his decades of successful restaurant experience to Pawleys Island Debra’s Dad did the entire build out for Bagel Cafe and designed the kitchen for just for her.


And finally, on May 26th 2014 Debra’s dream became a reality. With special thanks and gratitude to her husband Guy and her parents Dan Theresa the Bagel Cafe officially opened it’s doors.


So where’s Debra now? You will always find her either in the kitchen, or out front greeting her customers and making sure everyone’s visit is a happy one. One thing she always makes a point to tell her employees when she hires them is "I won't ask you to do anything I won't do here."


So come in and visit everyone at Bagel Cafe. Once you get to know Debra and her staff you will learn that she will always make it a point to get to know you. Debra’s goal is to make sure that everyone who visits Bagel Cafe is treated like family when they come in.  After all, isn’t that what family businesses are all about? Freshness, Flavor and Family!